Worldpay (FIS)

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After a series of acquisitions and mergers, Worldpay was left with a multitude of technologies each with its own developer tools and portals. As a consulting team, we were brought to assess, recommend, and formulate a solution to merge all the portal experiences into a unified platform. We were a three-person team with three months to execute. I contributed to conducting research, co-facilitating workshops, and synthesis. Shared the architecture and UX work while a visual specialist extended the design system. An additional deliverable was my coding of Angular components for their development team.

Working Virtually

During this project, the state of the world didn’t allow for easy travel. So we conducted everything virtually including workshops with the client. We reviewed workflows and architecture and sketched out ideas using screen sharing. Even conducting individual brainstorming and worksheets in our Miro whiteboarding space. The three of us took turns facilitating, cleaning up the boards, and taking notes to move the stakeholders from activity to activity throughout the Miro board.


It wasn’t planned but as we got closer to delivery, the client was rushed to get implementation up and running. I asked about their tech stack and since I could code in AngularJS, we offered coding up the design system and UI components for them as an add-on. When they agreed, I spent a two-week sprint coding up their front end.


project timeline


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Virtual Collaboration

miro virtual meeting about mapping the developer experience virtual meeting with wireframes group workshop with client team members grouping problems and solutions wireframe of the new portal miro board of ideas grouped by categories of themes


styleguide portal of components I coded IDE editor with code shown global typography definitions of the styleguide in the styleguide portal, i left a page of special code and considerations for the developers